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How to Keep your Best IT Talent

An IT department is all about producing or maintaining technology that enables customers or clients to do their job easier, better, faster, cost-effectively, or a combination of all four. For all the help that IT brings to people, this department also needs some help. HTML doesn’t code itself, and cybersecurity doesn’t instantly materialize. At every […]

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What to Look for in a Tech Executive’s Resume

Hiring someone for an executive or management position is something to be approached with care and deliberation. That is true in every business but has special emphasis in the IT industry, where there’s a real need to understand technology in order to better anticipate and react to trends in the business world. So when you’re […]

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5 Skills a Start-Up Needs in an IT hire

Working in a start-up business is both exhilarating and anxiety-inducing. On the one hand, you’ve done it! You’ve taken those years of experience working for others, and you’ve finally devoted your time and resources to your own business. You can create the company you’ve always wanted. On the other hand, the beginning is a very […]

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Do I Need a New IT person or a Managed IT service?

Technology is one of the driving forces in just about every business in the modern world. Thanks to computers, automation, and online resources like the internet, companies can operate faster, more efficiently, and with more global reach than at any time in the past. But with that technical freedom comes a need for technical proficiency. […]

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How to Attract the Best IT Talent Out There So They Find You

Every growing company is always on the lookout to add new, productive talent to their roster of permanent, full-time staff. Nothing adds value to a company like people who not only do good work but work well together. And while IT recruiting companies do a great job of finding the people who may qualify to […]

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In-house IT Recruiting versus Outsourcing

Every company is going to need to expand when things are going well. Once you’re doing more jobs, taking on more clients, or simply getting in enough revenue that it’s feasible for people to stop wearing multiple hats, you’ll want to bring in other skilled professionals to handle those tasks. But when it comes to […]

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