Do I Need a New IT person or a Managed IT service?

Technology is one of the driving forces in just about every business in the modern world. Thanks to computers, automation, and online resources like the internet, companies can operate faster, more efficiently, and with more global reach than at any time in the past.

But with that technical freedom comes a need for technical proficiency. All the technological potential in the world won’t help a company unless there are people in place to install, maintain, improve, and evolve that technology. That’s where your information technology—or IT staff— naturally come into play.

But if you’re already familiar with the IT industry, you know one thing has never changed since its inception: good people are hard to find!

There is always a demand for experienced IT staff. The eternal problem has always been finding good people who are available to hire and then keeping them, rather than losing them once someone makes a better offer.

How do you manage this delicate balancing act, and is there a better solution out there?

The Total Talent Management Answer

Depending on the type of business you run, and even the specific type of situation you’re dealing with, your IT needs are going to vary widely. You might be in one of the following situations:


  • Your company is expanding and in need of some reliable full-time staff.
  • You’re starting a lucrative, but short-term project and need IT staff only for that job, as contract workers.
  • You’ve been looking at your numbers and have realized that you need to cut down on certain full-time staff numbers, but you still need that work done.


Your individual business and IT needs are going to require a specific set of solutions. Sometimes those needs are best met by IT recruiting companies, rather than hoping for the best by putting out ads and waiting for the right person to show up.

Total talent management is one way to ensure that your many needs are met, by combining different IT recruiting skills under one roof. Why go through the process of hiring new IT team members or vetting managed IT services companies? You can trust your IT needs to a total talent management firm that provides you with the qualified staff whenever you need them, whether you want permanent or temporary personnel.

Making the Search Efficient

In the best case scenario, you’ll have the funds and the infrastructure available to secure new, permanent, full-time staff. You just need to make sure the investment you’re about to make is a good one, with a productive hire that takes your company to the next level. That may require someone with management experience to head a department, or you need to round out your staff with knowledgeable, experienced IT personnel.

IT recruiting companies can make a difference here in two critical ways: time and qualifications. The first advantage is obvious. If you’re running your own IT recruitment process, by interviewing candidates and conducting a thorough investigation, that is time you’re not spending on your business. The staff at the total talent management firm have taken on these tasks instead.

The second advantage covers all your knowledge bases. Even if you’re in IT yourself, it’s hard to master every single discipline. IT recruiting skills include being able to understand what your needs are and screen candidates to ensure they meet the technical requirements you have. A total talent management firm focusing on IT will have the personnel that can comprehend your needs and find the best candidates to fill the role.

Your New Hires Are Flexible

Sometimes it makes far more sense to bring in people with specific skill sets and team management qualifications on a temporary basis. But finding the right people, even for temporary contract work, can be just as time-consuming as looking for full-time staff if you want to ensure reliable results. The right IT recruiting companies can help with this.

A total talent management solution does all the work of finding, vetting, preparing, and delivering qualified candidates. They have many IT professionals who can fill various jobs on a short- or long-term basis. All you need to do is supply them with the parameters, such as the length of the contract, day-to-day responsibilities, and a profile of your operations. You have many options when it comes to total talent management for IT.

Get the Solution That Works for You

If you want the right people all the time or just the right people for right now, we can help. Contact Poly Tech Talent and get the help you need to fill the gaps in your IT department. You can rely on us to make your IT recruitment process efficient and effective.

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