Hire an Employee

You need a trusted partner to help you acquire the best and brightest tech talent in a rapidly changing, competitive market.

Hire an employee

To attract and engage the best and brightest talent in the market, you need a partner who understands technical roles and current technologies. We guarantee successful permanent hires, and help you build amazing teams.

We provide talent services across a range of roles, from entry level through to Executive Search.

We have a process for working with our clients that's focused on quality. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by measuring successful hires and retention, not volume of orders and candidates placed. Traditionally, agencies tend to work on a contingency basis. If they fill the role, they get paid. They tend to work in competition with your recruiting team, and potentially with other agencies. 

We prefer to work as a partner to your talent team and hiring managers, and here's why:

  • We work exclusively on your search. This means we work as a partner to your talent team and hiring managers, as an extension of your organization.
  • Higher quality results. We don’t compromise quality for speed. We are racing to get the best candidates handed over to you, not just to b quicker than our competitors.
  • We charge a flat fee. Based on an estimate of search time, effort and complexity, our rates are almost always lower than the traditional contingency model, which is typically a percentage of the candidate’s first year of salary.
  • We work together with you, not as competitors. To hire the best and brightest candidates, we take time to assess and qualify candidates thoroughly, including referrals from you. This reduces your time spent on reviewing an endless flow of resumes and meeting the wrong people.

Fees for our searches typically range from $10K up to $20K, and Executive Searches are scoped uniquely. We structure our fees by collecting a payment at the start of work, and the balance is payable later.

Let’s discuss your needs and determine what works best for your organization.

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