Guide to Finding the Perfect Tech Job

Ultimate Guide to Hiring Executive Talent in Technology

You don’t just want to find any job. You want to find your ultimate IT position. The one that fosters not only career growth, but also personal growth. But how do you do that? At Poly Tech Talent we work in the IT industry talking with employers daily. We compiled this Guide to Landing the Ultimate IT Position to share what they are looking for and how to get noticed so you can find yourself on a winning IT team.

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Right IT Candidate


IT Recruiting Process

Follow Up

Where to find the best IT positions? The right search

You’re ready to make that move that takes your IT career to the next level. But where? Good question. It’s time to get yourself out there. This collection of articles covers different ways to spread the word you are looking for the Ultimate IT position and where to go to begin looking.

How to stand out in the crowd?  The righT resume

The good news is, as an IT expert, you are in demand. The challenge is to break through the clutter of this competitive space to be considered for that IT position you have your eye on. Let this compilation of articles help you position yourself as a contender through your resume.

Impressing Them Face to Face.  The right interview

You’ve made it into their office. Now it’s time to impress. We can’t say it enough, the best way to guarantee success is preparation. Gather some tips and best practices through this series of articles focused on making the best impression from the first handshake to the last.

How to Secure the Ultimate IT Position?  The right Follow up

You want your next IT position to be the right one. The one that meets your personal career goals and positions you as an asset to the team you are joining. What you do after the interview is equally important to everything that lead up to it to ensure you move in the right direction. Take some time to learn about how the right follow up can set you up for future success on the right winning team.