We're More Than Just Recruiters.

We are blazing a trail with our new approach to agency recruiting.

We don’t just flip resumes, we’ve never worked that way. Relationships are important to us, and we know they matter to our clients and job-seekers.

Different thinking has set us apart from our competitors, and we distinguish ourselves from them in 3 simple ways:

We charge a flat fee.

Charging a percentage of annual salary on a contingency basis is an aging practice, and it’s time to disrupt convention. It turns out flat fee is more economical for our clients, and we always find the best Tech Talent for the job.

We are transparent.

Our clients want to know what they are paying for. The costs of employing contract talent are high and we take on the burden both literally and figuratively. We explain how – no secrets.

We want to transform your organization.

Sometimes staffing is not the only thing our clients need. We build amazing solutions with our clients and have won awards for it. An expanded service portfolio has helped our Tech Talent shine and enables us to retain an amazingly talented team.

Poly Tech Talent treats each request uniquely. We combine our IT and HR expertise, leveraging the best people and experience to deliver the results you need.