We're More Than Just Recruiters.

We're blazing a trail with our approach to agency recruiting, accessing global talent, and delivering project based work.

Relationships are important to us, and we know they matter to our clients and job-seekers. Talented professionals want interesting and challenging work, to stay ahead of the curve, and so do we.

Different thinking sets us apart from our competitors. We're in this to help you transform, not just here to transact with you.

Our fee structures are flexible

Paying a percentage of annual salary for search services makes sense sometimes, but we also offer a flat fee / retained search service to meet your needs.

We are transparent.

Our clients want to know what they're paying for. We explain our rates and take into account your objectives and budgets - no secrets.

We build the right solution for you.

We assess the requirements thoroughly before we get started. We build amazing solutions with our clients and we've won awards for it.

Poly Tech Talent treats each request uniquely. We combine our IT and HR expertise, leveraging the best people and experience to deliver the results you need.