How to Attract the Best IT Talent Out There So They Find You

Every growing company is always on the lookout to add new, productive talent to their roster of permanent, full-time staff. Nothing adds value to a company like people who not only do good work but work well together.

And while IT recruiting companies do a great job of finding the people who may qualify to work at your company, you still have to be the kind of company people actively want to work for.

The best companies have a solid, attractive, corporate culture people want to be a part of. If you don’t want to be a starting or intermediate stepping stone for talent to move onto other companies, then you’ve got to create an environment that says “this is where I want to be.”

What can you do to make your company the kind that will make the IT recruiting process easier? Here are a few things you can keep in mind.

Market Yourself

If you already know you have the kind of company and corporate culture people would love to work in, you should advertise it. Remember that marketing can serve multiple purposes, so don’t just advertise your product or service, market your company. Take the time on your website to reveal what kind of business you run and the people who make it happen.

More importantly, take advantage of social media. Having a social media marketing channel is not only a fast, interactive way to engage with customers, but it’s also a way to advertise your company’s brand and reputation.

A good social media marketer on Twitter, for example, can do a lot to establish and solidify a company’s status. By keeping content coming and revealing a bit about the company’s practices and corporate culture, you can market yourself “for free” while showing off the kind of place people want to work in.

Put the Focus on Innovation and Opportunity

If your company is in a position to do so, always put evolution and innovation squarely in your sights. Talented staff are going to want to be trailblazers, so if your company can make the promise of creating something new, that’s going to be an incentive for a lot of people.

One of the fastest ways to get overlooked by candidates is to play it safe. If your company is not interested in creating anything new and is only interested in using established technology, in the traditional way, you’re not going to attract innovators or risk-takers.

You’ll attract people who want a quiet, steady occupation, where stagnation and routine are their biggest priorities. Companies that promise the potential to make a mark will attract bolder, more dynamic IT staff.

Be Flexible

If there’s one thing that IT staff love, it is the ability to work in the way they like to work. Flexible working conditions are something that can be a huge positive for job hunters. For example, if a particular staff position doesn’t necessarily require a person to be in the office five days a week, from 9–5, and the person prefers having 1–2 days telecommuting and working from home, why not make this option available?

Offering flexible schedules that don’t always demand fixed, rigid attendance or production at the same time, on the same days can make all the difference. If someone is willing to work 10 or even 12 hours of the day while working at home, rather than in an office, that’s a win-win for everyone.

Stay Competitive

It’s important to remain aware of how the rates in the market are changing. Always pay attention to what the current salaries are, as well as what the trends are in perks, incentives, and benefits. It’s not a waste of your company budget when you invest in incentives, packages, and compensation that attracts good IT talent and retains them.

The IT recruiting process is always much easier for you when you’ve got the kind of company people actively want to work for. Make sure you know what your competitors are offering to their candidates and see if you can match or exceed what they’re doing.

We Speed Things Up

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