In-house IT Recruiting versus Outsourcing

Every company is going to need to expand when things are going well. Once you’re doing more jobs, taking on more clients, or simply getting in enough revenue that it’s feasible for people to stop wearing multiple hats, you’ll want to bring in other skilled professionals to handle those tasks.

But when it comes to the IT recruiting process, there are options on how you want to accomplish the goal.

You can attempt recruiting with an in-house team, or you can go with an outsourced IT recruitng company. Which IT recruiting process is for you? The solution is not universal, and it depends on your circumstances.


Are You Looking for Permanent or Contract IT Staff?

IT recruiting firms can be useful for any type of recruitment, but one might be your first choice when you’re looking for contract workers for shorter projects. When you’re running a time-sensitive project you don’t necessarily want to go through an interview and recruitment period for workers who are only going to be there on a temporary basis.

You may find that it’s more time- and cost-effective to let IT recruiting companies do the “heavy lifting” and find qualified personnel. Outsourcing is often more effective in the completion of short-term goals.

Since IT recruiting companies are already interviewing and compiling qualified personnel all the time, full-time, they are an excellent resource for companies that must divert time, staff, and resources from their existing duties in order to go through the IT recruiting process.


Do You Have an HR Department?

If you’re already at a size where you have a dedicated human resources department, and you’re thinking of adding more permanent staff, you may want to let them handle the new IT hire.

A full-time, in-house HR department will spend most of its time looking at the specific needs of your company and have an intimate knowledge of the staff, teams, and what their preferences, strengths, and shortcomings are.

When it comes to IT however, the HR staff may not necessarily know the exact technical skill sets required to bolster the company. With experienced managers to give that data and sit in on final rounds, it’s entirely possible to hire or promote a few key people through your existing human resources infrastructure.

Because IT can be a specialized hire, it’s not uncommon to find HR Departments that benefit from working with an IT recruiting agency. This ensures the right candidates are being brought to the table in a time efficient manner with the right skills.


What Level of Resources Can You Allocate to Hiring?

Another big question you need to ask is whether you are willing to take on the burden of time and resources required for the IT recruiting process. Or do you want to keep your staff focused instead of having them take on extra duties?

If you’re hiring through in-house resources, this means you and your team must shoulder the marketing burden of placing ads and getting the word out that your company is hiring. You will need to sort through the initial wave of applications and sort out who makes it to the next round of interviews, as well as do due diligence on resumes, verifying facts, and contacting references to ensure everything is on the level.

With IT recruiting outsourcing, you get full-time, dedicated professionals with IT recruiting skills, as well as IT recruiting related infrastructure. You have to “start from scratch” in-house, interviewing only those who have answered your ad.

IT recruiting firms have an existing database of qualified personnel they can instantly draw from. They have already talked to, interviewed and vetted their roster of candidates, so much of the verification process has already been executed.

Screening is one of the most time-consuming aspects of hiring. Recruitment companies shoulder the majority of this burden, allowing your company to arrive at the finalist phase in a much faster time frame, without sacrificing due diligence or staff productivity to get there.


Leave IT Hiring Requirements to Us

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