Getting the Most out of Your IT Recruiting Firm in Toronto

A good recruiter loves the challenge of filling a position with the right candidate who will thrive within your team and for your team. And making that match takes a tremendous amount of time and energy.

But, it’s not the challenge that pays. It’s the actual filling of the role.

The recruiter considers things like cultural fit and technical match. But, they also consider if they will make a successful placement with the hiring manager they are working with.

If the hiring manager is not responsive, doesn’t provide feedback, and overall is less engaged with the process, the recruiters are not likely to send their top candidates in that direction.

Our years of recruiting experience has shown us what makes a great relationship between a hiring manager and a recruiting firm. If you are going to partner with a recruiting firm you’ll want to engage in the right ways to ensure you are getting the most out of their expertise.

As experienced professionals, we know what makes a great working relationship between hiring managers and recruitment agencies  – help your recruitment partner find you top tech talent by doing the following:


Establish Strong Relationships with Your Recruiters. Meet them in person if possible.  

Like any outside partner or vendor you work with you want to develop strong relationships with your outside recruitment firm. The better you can help recruiters understand your team’s needs and your hiring strategy, the better they will be able to work on your behalf.

Give them as much data as possible, access to your time and share your philosophy. When you put in the time upfront with your recruiter, you will find that you save so much time later on in the process.


Be Clear in What You’re Looking For 

Provide them with a brief and Job description. Or when working with us, let us walk you through our Outcome-Driven Job Description that gets your job search off to the strongest start possible. The more organized you are at the outset the better the result.

Recruiters like to work with clients who know what they’re looking for (or are willing to do the work to get there) and are organized and engaged throughout the process. Throwing out just a title and salary range is not going to yield great results. Plus, the best talent in the market doesn’t look for jobs that way.

Arm your recruiter with the right information so that they can attract a top person to the job you’re hiring for.


Feedback, Recruiters Thrive on Feedback

Specific critical feedback, good or bad, regarding anything they send you is helpful to better your search results. You don’t like the resume – tell us why. You don’t like how your interview went – provide details not just I’m going to pass on this candidate. Any feedback you provide will help the recruiter get closer to what you’re looking for and be more productive for you.

This includes providing feedback to the candidates they provide. Even with a recruiter involved, it is good etiquette to provide feedback to the interviewee even if they aren’t going to move further through your interview process. Just ignoring the candidate after the interview makes your recruiter look bad and will make them think twice about sending over the next candidate.

It’s always Important to provide feedback.


Bonus tip – Think ahead

There will always be urgent roles to fill. But it doesn’t have to be the norm.  The most strategic hiring managers recognize that finding and attracting top tech talent takes time. This circles back around to building a partnership with your recruiter as an extension of your team.

Call your recruiter when you’re entering the planning stages of a new role. The recruiter can help you define the role and begin to pipeline and build relationships. Then when it’s time to activate the search, some of the best candidates are compiled.

In those urgent roles, think about using a contract worker or virtual assistant to keep things moving while you look for that right fit. A hiring mistake by moving too quickly can be one of the most costly mistakes you make for your business.

Finding the right people is key to business success. It starts with building a relationship with a recruitment firm in Toronto that grows as your business grows. To get the most out of your recruitment firm build, think of them as a strategic partner to your business. Put the time into the relationship so you’ll be first on the list for the best candidates.

We want to be your strategic partner for all your tech talent needs. Contact us to see what Poly Tech Talent can bring to your organization.

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