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Why these IT Job Descriptions are Effective

We are big believers in planning for your next open position through our Outcome-Driven Job Description. It’s the most thorough way we know of ensuring you know exactly who you are looking for and why. Plus, having that knowledge up front allows you to create the most accurate IT job description. So both you and […]

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Didn’t get the job, but didn’t get feedback? Here’s how to handle it.

In dating or job-hunting, we all just need some closure. We’ve all been there:  You make the shortlist for a particular job, and maybe even have a preliminary interview; you get psyched up about it, do your research, envision yourself working in a new environment, and check your voicemail and email 42 times a day […]

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New job? Your first 4 weeks will determine long-term success – or failure.

When I started high school, my mother was at pains to impress the following advice on me: “It’s very important that you get a reputation as a first-class student right from the beginning. It’s about expectations: If  teachers approach your work expecting it to be worthy of an A, they’ll be less critical; if they […]

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