Tips to Remove IT Hiring Headaches

It can be problematic for companies to go through the entire hiring process only to end up with an employee who doesn’t meet the needs of your team. 

Having an experienced IT recruiting firm can make all the difference when it comes to finding a successful candidate to join your business. But even without the help of an IT recruiting agency, there are ways you can simplify the process for yourself. 

Know What You Want

You should know what you are looking for in a candidate when you start the process. That includes having a clear vision of the skills, education, experience, and even the personality traits that it will take for a candidate to be successful in the position. 

Once you have established what you want in a candidate, you can begin the work of finding them

Write a Good Job Description

Now that you know what you want, you have to ask for it. Writing a good job description can have a huge impact on the type of person you will attract to apply for the position. Being very clear from the onset about what you are looking for in a candidate will help that candidate find you. 

Including as much detail as possible about what the role will entail, required skills, and the working environment or work culture will increase the likelihood that those who apply for the position have a clear understanding of the position and your expectations. 

The more details you include about things like work hours, benefits packages, salary, and such, the better able the candidate is to assess whether the job is right for them before they apply. This will save time and money when you don’t have to sift through resumes that don’t resonate or end up with an employee who realizes they don’t fit in. 

Consider Where You Post Job Openings

Once you’ve crafted the perfect IT job description, where you post it matters. The candidates you will find on Kijiji or Craigslist may vary greatly from those you might find on LinkedIn or Indeed. Posting your job openings on professional websites is more likely to attract professional candidates. 

Posting job openings on your own website or blog is also a great idea as people often check company websites for hiring information. If they are coming to your site, it means they are interested in your company and not just any job. 

Using social media is also a good strategy. People often follow their favourite companies and brands, so you may just attract the perfect follower. They will already be familiar with you and your brand and excited to have an opportunity to work for you. 

Streamline the Interview Stage

Setting up interviews is a task in and of itself. Trying to coordinate your schedule with the schedules of each and every candidate can be time-consuming and frustrating. Recruiterbox has streamlined this process with a self-scheduling tool that can be used to set up interviews online. 

This not only saves you time, but it also allows your candidate the freedom to select a time that works best for them. That gives them a positive impression of your company and allows them to put their best foot forward when you do finally meet. 

Ask the Right Questions

When meeting face to face, you want to ask the right interview questions to help you determine who will be the best choice for your company. This goes beyond what they’ve written on their cover letter. 

You want to know how they will respond to real on-the-job situations that may arise. You can judge answers to situational questions that are hypothetical or example-based from their past working experience. Asking questions that go beyond the surface skills they’ve listed on their resume requires a little imagination, but it can go a long way in helping you select the right person. 

Act Fast

Once you’ve made a decision, or you are close to making a decision, reach out to your candidate. You don’t want to waste time getting them started, and you don’t want to lose them to someone else who saw their value sooner. 

Enlist the Help of an IT Recruiting Agency

If you’d like to take the guesswork and headache out of hiring, work with an IT recruiting agency. We’ll take care of it all! You can learn more about the process we follow at Poly Tech Talent to take the recruitment work off your plate and present you with qualified candidates.

We help companies in Toronto and all over the country find the IT talent they need to create a winning team. We assist starting with the Outcome-Driven Job Description and throughout the entire hiring process. And unlike the majority of the industry, we do it at a flat fee. Contact us to talk about how we can do it for you and your team too.

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