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Interviewing for the right IT candidate is an art unto itself. Tech talent prospects put their best foot forward on paper and in the interview so it’s important to know what your team stands for and its goals so you can see beyond the answers and find the perfect fit.

5 Skills a Start-Up Needs in an IT hire

Working in a start-up business is both exhilarating and anxiety-inducing. On the one hand, you’ve done it! You’ve taken those years of experience working for others, and you’ve finally devoted your time and resources to your own business. You can create the company you’ve always wanted. On the other hand, the beginning is a very […]

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Do I Need a New IT person or a Managed IT service?

Technology is one of the driving forces in just about every business in the modern world. Thanks to computers, automation, and online resources like the internet, companies can operate faster, more efficiently, and with more global reach than at any time in the past. But with that technical freedom comes a need for technical proficiency. […]

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