Monthly Archives: August 2019

Looking for your first job in Canada? 5 tips to make it easier.

  If you’re a new Canadian, it’s a good time to look for your first job here in Canada: With many fields experiencing ongoing talent shortages, and more Canadian organizations establishing diversity hiring mandates, employers are increasingly interested in candidates from ‘diverse’ groups. But job-hunting standards can vary from country to country. So if you’re […]

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5 Worst Things to do in a Job Interview

Although most of the people we work with are young professionals with the common sense to avoid particularly egregious blunders during the interview stage, it’s not uncommon to hear a story from a potential employer that has us shaking our heads. No judgement. It can be nerve-wracking. The following blog post is a non-exhaustive list […]

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Why you might love being a contractor

There are more opportunities for independent contractors than ever before. Here’s why it might be a perfect fit for you. One of the ways that many Canadian organizations have coped with the uncertain economy in the past few years is by increasing their reliance on contract workers: People who aren’t regular full-time employees, but who […]

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