Perform a Gap Analysis Before Your Next IT Job Search

At Poly Tech Talent we’re convinced when U2 sang, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for,” it’s probably because they didn’t perform a Gap Analysis before they started the search.

The Gap Analysis is a series of questions meant to put you on the path of marrying what you think you are looking for in your next new IT hire with what you actually need on your team to be successful. It’s that simple.

But we know business moves fast and sometimes it’s hard to slow down. You go to market with a job description and qualifications that sound logical because you need to fill the position yesterday. Sure, you find yourself with a team of highly skilled IT professionals, but they all have the same skills.

If you are about to embark on a new IT candidate search, take some time to complete a Gap Analysis so you can ensure you are filling skill gaps your team actually needs.

How to Start a Gap Analysis

We recommend you ask yourself two starter questions:

  • What’s happening in the department now?
  • Where do I want it to go?

Where these two answers don’t match up, that’s your Gap. This process gives you a clearer picture of what you actually need to look for in a candidate to take you where you want your team to go. Really spend some time with it, writing out your answers and uncovering needs.

Think about the IT position’s major role, the team dynamics and your company’s goals. Be sure to write down your thoughts on where you are today and what you envision for the future for all three of those aspects. You’ll see the need come to life. You’ll discover needs and goals that have been in your head, but maybe haven’t hit a piece of paper yet. The Gap will present itself and only then can it be filled.

Filling out the Gap Analysis

From here you continue to answer some questions that dig deeper into your needs and hone in on your Gap. The following questions are a good start, but you are not limited to answering just these.

With these additional and more specific Gap Analysis answers, you will see what you’re missing on the team and what you really want to focus on to grow.

  1. What needs to be changed, fixed, or improved over the next few months?
  2. What are the biggest challenges?
  3. Are there any issues that need to be addressed right away?
  4. What are some of the major strategic initiatives that need to be considered?
  5. What do I need this position to accomplish in the first 30-days?
  6. How do I know they will be successful in this role?
    • If I was to sit down with this person in 3 months time, what would I want to see that would make this a successful match?
    • If I were to sit down with person in a year, what would I want to see that would make this a successful match
  7. Extra Thoughts?

Running a Gap Analysis is worth every minute you put into it. It gives you a snap shot reality of the team today and shows you what to improve on as you move forward toward your goals.

Meet The Outcome-Driven Position Plan

The Gap Analysis is just the first step in shaping your next IT position. Visit our Guide to Writing The Ultimate Outcome-Driven Job Description to see how the Gap Analysis fits into an overall position plan and download our Outcome-Driven Position Plan Workbook to get started today.

We’d love to talk with you about your next IT candidate and help you identify the gaps you need filled. Contact us today!