What is your new IT Position’s Major Goal?

That question can be tough to answer if you haven’t taken the time to truly analyze why you are filling this position in the first place. The Major Goal is a culmination of a series of exercises your organization should be performing before going out to look for the perfect IT candidate to join your team.

After you perform a Gap Analysis as part of your Outcome-Driven Job Description you are ready to define the Major Goal of your position.

Let us explain.

What is Your IT Position’s Major Goal?

Your Major Goal answers this important question – Why does this position exist and what is the main point of it? The Major Goal ties this position into the global goals of the organization. It ties into the bigger reason the position exists as opposed to diving into the day-to-day reasons.

The Major Goal is a sentence or two. It’s ideal if it can be phrased as a smart goal, but sometimes it doesn’t have to be depending on the importance of the IT role you are trying to fill.

At Poly Tech Talent we use a format Simon Sinek uses in his book called Find your Why. (You can also listen to his Ted Talk if you’re not familiar with his work because it’s excellent!) 

Working on your Major Goal gives you an encompassing reason this IT position exists.

How to Write Your IT Position’s Major Goal

You can simply write your Major Goal by using this statement:

The reason this position exists is to ____so that ____. 

Here are some examples of Major Goals to give you a better idea of how to create one:

Service Desk Agent

Major Goal – To provide first level technical support by taking calls and handling the resulting incidents or Service Requests so that the end-user community (employees) at ABC Corp are productive and down-time is minimized. 

Service Desk Manager

Major Goal – To inspire, coach and mentor each member of the team so that the end-user community at ABC Corp are productive, down-time is minimized and we are consistently meeting and exceeding our SLAs. 


Major Goal – To create business value through technology so that we meet our business growth objectives.  

Major Goal that uses the Smart Goal approach


Major Goal: To lead business with a clearly defined sense of business direction and purpose so that the team is productive, engaged in their work, and happy.  Our goal this year is to increase revenues by 15% from last fiscal year to $10.5M and a stretch goal of $11.5M by winning 4 new projects per month (6 stretch goal), and growing our current IT Contract base by 25%.

Yes, the format seems simple, but don’t get frustrated if it gets challenging. Keep referring to the Gap Analysis from your Outcome-Driven Job Description and try again. Once you get it right, you’ll know it. And your future candidate will know what they must bring to the table in order to fulfill the Major Goal your IT position requires.

We help organizations create the Major Goal for its open positions and bring together an Outcome-Driven Job Description before taking their position to market. We can do the same for you to ensure your new hire is exactly what your team needs. Contact us today.