Unbundle IT

Decide what you need to support your recruitment efforts. Suited for small business and entrepreneurs, we offer select services that will bolster your recruitment marketing, speed up your IT hiring process and keep you current with Employment Standards.

Unbundle IT

You are running a small business and you are the HR, IT and Finance departments. Policies have changed and you know your organization is no longer compliant. An employee requires a development plan. The organization is on the verge of the growth you’ve been working so hard to accomplish for so long.

Sometimes you just can’t do it all yourself, and Poly Tech Talent has a wealth of HR capability to help.

We can take parts of the process for you and ease the burden of keeping up with the right staff, policies, legislative changes and hiring processes.

We offer our services a la carte.

Select the service below that you need help with, we will partner with you to get it done!

Pay by the hour for an experienced Poly Recruiter to help you fill a role or many roles

Employee Handbook/HR Policy Development

Develop and implement annual Employee Performance Assessment process

Market your organization by having Job Descriptions written and posted in the best places we know

Reference and Background Checking

Technical Testing

Psychometric Testing and Interviews