Contract IT

Transparent on rates and a straightforward process for IT Project Leaders. Staff Augmentation or project resourcing, we get you great IT contract talent quickly.

Your project was approved, or expedited. You have budget but not head count. You are panicked because you don’t know how you will do this quickly and efficiently.

When it’s time to ramp up and onboard people quickly, we are a partner who knows our way around this crazy process.

We determine what you need, and find the best IT talent. We discuss rates, take on all deductions and payroll administration so that you can focus on landing the resources you need, in a hurry.

Finding contract or temporary skilled IT staff is not easy. Great people are renewed for longer contracts by your competitors, or they are busy securing their next gig, as they continue to grow their IT portfolio of experience. We find the specialists that you need.

We have the IT contract talent for you, and they will hit the ground running.

Whether it’s for a maternity leave, seasonal requirements, a long-term vacancy, or urgent project requirements. We act quickly to land the right people in your environment, simplifying the contract resourcing process for you.


Reference and Background Checking

Contract construction and execution

Payroll and Deductions, including tax, witholdings and insurance

Performance Management and onboard/exit administration